नववर्ष की उमंग अध्यापक कवियों के संग

” कवि सम्मेलन -नववर्ष की उमंग -अध्यापक कवियों के संग”
वर्ष नव, हर्ष नव, जीवन उत्कर्ष नव।
नव उमंग, नव तरंग, जीवन का नव प्रसंग।
With a motto to expand the horizons of creativity, EL Maestro Teaching Solutions felt escalated to host a ” कवि सम्मेलन -नववर्ष की उमंग -अध्यापक कवियों के संग” in association with “Vishwa Vani Hindi Sansathan, Jabalpur, Delhi Ekai” on Saturday, 24 December 2022.

The event was graced with the august presence of Acharya Sanjeev Verma ‘ Salil Ji’ who is the nephew of renowned poetess Mahadevi Verma Ji. He mesmerized the august gathering with his poetry and connected everyone through his composition. Ms. Shakuntla Mittal, a renowned senior poetess was the guest of honor who motivated the participants with her prompt applause. The event participants were spellbound by the melody-dipped notes by the eminent poetess and host of the event Ms. Nishi Sharma “Jigyasu” ji.

The event was a great success wherein enthusiastic teachers recited their self-composed poems and appreciated the initiate taken by EL Maestro Teaching Solutions for creating such a platform to connect enthusiastic teachers who are aspiring poets as well together.The feedback shared by the participants was quite motivating.

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