About us

El Maestro Teaching Solutions is one of the leading educational service providers in Delhi/NCR. We are managed by a panel of highly experienced and eminent educationists.  Our panellists have a cumulative experience of more than ten decades.

We cater to the specific educational needs of schools, teachers, students and parents.

Being an educationist herself, the Founder/CEO of the company noted that even though talented and skilled teachers can be found everywhere, schools have great difficulty in finding and retaining good teachers. The fundamental reason for this gap is a lack of a platform where the right talent meets the right opportunities. We are in association with the schools who are ready to pay handsomely to candidates bringing quality with them.

At El Maestro Teaching Solutions we have created a common platform for the schools, teachers, parents and students. Also. we are the leading online career and recruitment resource with a vast database that provides relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to jobseekers across the industry verticals, experience levels, and geography.

We also offer a perfect blend of the teaching-learning processes through workshops, seminars, webinars etc that helps teachers, students and parents to connect together. Our commitment and honesty make us unique and trustworthy among all.

  • How do we serve Schools? We are committed to providing professionally trained and highly experienced teachers to schools. We also organize workshops, webinars and events for the teachers, students and parents. We carefully vet and interview 100’s of aspiring teachers and handpick diligent, focused, determined and deserving candidates for schools. We are a trusted name among our associate schools and their trust is our hallmark.

  • How do we serve Teachers? Our close association with various renowned schools in Delhi/NCR region makes us a reliable recruiting partner. For our job search services, we collaborate with numerous renowned organizations. These associations allow us to match job seekers with the job best suited for their profile.Our job search engine for candidates helps thousands of teachers get their dream jobs. Our specifically tailored pieces of training help them become high performers and achieve the pinnacle of success in their respective careers. The candidates are shortlisted as per the school requirement, their profile and the expectations of both recruiter and the candidate. Professional interview training by an area expert is an integral part of the recruitment process. We are zealous about delivering the right fit for every hire. We provide a showcase platform to our diligent teachers who are willing to exhibit their exceptional talent to the world. We also help associated teachers improvise their resumes to fully highlight their strengths.

  • How do we serve Students? We connect students to the teachers of both academic as well as co-curricular subjects of their interest. We provide them with teachers for the individual as well as group instructions. Depending on the need of the students our teachers provide both online and in-person sessions. Also, upon request by students and/or their parents, we arrange individual counselling sessions with experienced psychologists and counsellors.

  • How do we serve Parents? We are assisting the parents with a platform where their search for the academic as well as non-academic needs of their child comes to end. We commit to providing professionally trained teachers for their child’s academic and co-curricular needs. Also, we provide them with the assistance of professionally trained psychologists and counsellors for their individual concerns related to their child. Our association with various and renowned educationists, psychologists, counsellors and special educators make us a hallmark of trust among our associates

Our Mission

As an educational service provider, El Maestro Teaching Solutions is building recruitment and training pathways in the field of Education. We recognize our mission as “To cater the needs of pragmatic, professional, and progressive individuals as well as educational organizations with excellence.” We are committed to building a successful future for our stakeholders by developing a holistic learning experience. We uphold the values of resilience, forbearance, nobility and rectitude in all our interactions.

From The Desk of Founder/ CEO

As Former President of  India, Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said: “India’s Vision 2020 demands from the young that they start a great mission of connecting rivers cutting across the states.”

The need of the hour is to transform the spark of the “feel-good factor” into a roaring fire in the body, mind and soul of our aspiring professionals. These intellectual minds are seeking a platform to showcase their potential. It is important to tap the intellectual potential of the youth with the best career opportunities that provide contentment to their minds. We are witnessing an alarming rise in the cases of intolerant behaviours, violent attitudes and a hike in the cases of corruption due to lack of guidance and opportunities.

At El Maestro Teaching Solutions, we strive to build a holistic platform for intellectuals looking for the best career opportunities. We assist them to grow into emotionally balanced, spiritually healthy and professionally stable individuals. We are a platform for the intellectual minds viz schools, teachers, students and parents to exhibit and groom their talent.

I wholeheartedly extend my gratitude towards all associate schools, school heads, associated teachers, parents and students for making us your recruitment associate. Your trust in us is our hallmark and motivation. I also express my sincere thanks to my core committee, members of the advisory board and team EMTS for their active contribution in giving a definite shape to my vision.

I look forward to receiving your continued support in future too.

Best Wishes
Poonam Seth
Founder and CEO
El Maestro Teaching Solutions