Association With Schools

EMTS  offers its services to schools located in Delhi/NCR that are eagerly looking for suitable candidates who thrive to face the everyday challenges in the field of education. We provide professionally trained teachers who are capable of taking on the demands and job functions of the organization’s educational needs.

Our association with various renowned schools in Delhi and NCR helps us recruit 100’s of aspiring teachers who are diligent, focused, determined and deserving to work in the field of education.

Our unique education recruitment procedure enables us to identify the precise talent of the recruiter as per its specific job requirements for many different roles within the organization.  We customize our recruitment process as per the requirement of the recruiter. 

We have access to the best candidates as per the requirement of the organization. We filter the candidates with an initial round of interviews by our senior experts, shortlist them, train them and then forward their profiles to the schools. The final recruitment is subject to realization between the recruiter and the recruit. We help both the schools and the teachers by providing a service to help them better understand each other.

We offer a comprehensive platform that aims to provide and cater for the needs of the schools in recruiting teaching and non-teaching staff for various prominent organizations located in Delhi/NCR. 

All the services offered by the EMTS will be as per your requirement for the recruitment of teacher’s full time as well as part-time at different levels viz PGTs, TGTs, PRTs, Activity Teachers, Sports Teachers, non-teaching staff etc.

 Kindly note:

  • We will provide you with the candidates who are eligible as per the Govt. norms and also as per your specific requirements.
  • We will arrange your meeting/interview session with the eligible candidates.
  • If you hire the candidate, you’re required to inform us within two days of appointment about the recruitment details viz- Date of Joining, final salary decided, your feedback etc.
  • Undoubtedly, the final decision of recruitment taken by the HOS or The Principal or Manager of the School will be honoured with no further discussion about the same.

We honour the recruitment policies of the organization and are willing to collaborate with them to offer our recruitment services.

To help us provide you with better assistance for your distinguished organization, kindly furnish the information requested below in the attached link. Our specialized executives will contact you soon.

Also, we organize webinars, workshops and seminars for the teachers, students and parents. Details of the same are regularly being shared with the associate schools. 

We also arrange workshops, seminars and counselling sessions for the students as well as teachers as per the requirement of the organization. The cost of the same is charged as per the experience and charges of the resource person. 

Apart from this we also provide freelance teachers for the students who need additional assistance in academics.

 Our commitment and honesty make us unique and trustworthy among all. We will be happy to serve you and are looking forward to a collaboration between us.

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