Privacy Policy

EMTS (El Maestro Teaching Solutions) issues these “Privacy Policies” to ensure the online privacy of the associates (Schools, teachers, parents and students), making you aware of different terms of using the website and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of any Personal Information (as defined below) you share with us. 

The Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions apply to our services available under the domain (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Kindly note that by visiting the Website you agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy and by availing of our services you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.


We strongly recommend every associate to read our Privacy Policies at length as it will help the associate know as much as possible about us, our services (paid or free) , Website, and our practices that will be a help in making informed decisions.

1. The Information is Confidential :

EMTS collects a list of information from its associates viz name, email address, contact details, experience, references etc for its reference. We ensure that it is all safe and confidential.

Kindly note that when an associate shares their information with us, EMTS  also read cookies stored in his/her browser; use tracking tools; collect information of the domain server through which he/she accesses the services, computer or mobile’s information such as IP address, operating system, internet browser, mobile ID, ISP he/she is sing, statistical data of site/sites, information permitted by you to the mobile app, etc. 

Also, EMTS  keep the comfort and the security of the information provided by the associates as its main concern.

2. Use of Information: 

Ensuring that the information shared by the associates is confidential, EMTS uses the information shared by the associates (Personal, academic, professional or any other information) to deliver the services he/she requests. The same can be used by the company to inform the associates about a product, services, updates, offers, to resolve his/her complaints, to collect money, for promotional announcements, surveys, to assist the association with any request.

EMTS will not sell, share or rent your personal information to any third party. EMTS  will occasionally send email/SMS notifications/ notices or contact them to communicate about our services, products and benefits. We will not use these for unsolicited emails and/or SMS services. 

Kindly note that EMTS reserves the right to communicate your personal information to any third party that makes a legally-compliant request for its disclosure. Also, EMTS take services from the various service providers to perform on its behalf. We ensure that these companies or service providers do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information about our associates for any other purpose.

3. Procedure to avail of our services:

EMTS offers an array of services to its associates that include schools and their heads, teachers, students and parents. All these services are well-drafted in order to cater to the individual needs of the associates. 

STEP 1: Registration: 

All the interested associates are required to register with us through the link provided in the column of the type of services they are looking forward to. The initial registration for all the services is available free of cost.

You may contact our representative during official working hours i.e. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday-Saturday (except Second Saturday or other holidays or non-working days) 

Registration with us for all the recruitment based services will make the candidate eligible for all the latest job openings in our associate schools as per his/ her profile. It gives the candidate the choice to pick up the job openings as per his preference. Apart from this EMTS senior executives provide professional guidance to them as per their profile and preference. 

Apart from the recruitment services, all the registered candidates will be given preference in the free webinars and workshops organized by EMTS that helps them updated with the changing curriculum, technology etc. Also, they get assistance from professionally trained experts that helps them reach the satisfaction level as per their profile.  EMTS also offers Resume update facilities and mock interview sessions to its associates at a very nominal price in order to ensure their success in the process.

EMTS offers its professional assistance for all the services enlisted in the website. With registration with us through the link provided against each service makes EMTS aware of your requirement, Thereafter a trained representative from the company contacts the associate seeking services and assistance for professional help. 

STEP 2: Processing : 

EMTS offers its professional assistance for the processing of the required services as per the registration with us.  

a) For Teaching and Non-Teaching Jobs:

EMTS updates all its associate teachers about the recent job openings as per their profile through WhatsApp messages. This information update includes job details, job location, Salary offered and other profile expectations by the recruiter. 

In case any candidate is interested in the recruitment process, can contact the representative from EMTS for the details. The recruitment process will be proceeded after the consent from the candidate with a nominal payment of Rs 499/- i.e our service charges. 

Your consent entails selecting one of the following Recruitment Facilitation Plans’:

1. SILVER PLAN @ Rs 499/-: Conditional on your job search, your resume will be forwarded up to two recruiters. Details of these potential recruiters will be shared with you.

2. GOLD PLAN @ Rs 999/-: Conditional on your job search, your resume shall be forwarded up to ten recruiters. Details of these potential recruiters will be shared with you.

Note: You may upgrade from SILVER PLAN into GOLD PLAN within 15 days of purchase of SILVER PLAN for an additional charge of Rs 500/- only.

Also, included in both Recruitment Facilitation Plans is a 15-minute interview training session for you.

To further assist you in finding the best job that you can get, we also provide multiple Resume Improvement Services starting at a nominal price of Rs. 299/-.

b) For Freelanace Teachers:

For each successful opportunity, the freelance teacher is required to pay 50% of the first month fees or Rs 2000/- whichever is higher. In case if fees are charged as per the meeting, service charges are calculated @ 12 classes for sessions of duration 1 hour each thrice a week. The payment of the same is done once the session starts. 

Also, freelance teachers can also display their profile and advertisement here on our website at a very nominal price i.e Rs 100/- per day or Rs 2000/- per month for the display of the creative on the website. The same shall also be shared through the social media of EMTS to increase its reach. 

c) Counseling Sessions:

These sessions can be conducted in groups as well as individually as per the requirement of the associate. The cost of group sessions varies as per the charges of the experts and his/ her experience. The main emphasis during these counselling sessions is on the client’s self-direction and self-acceptance.

Individual sessions are scheduled @ Rs800/- per session to @1200/- per session as per the experience of the counsellor or psychologist or the subject expert. The approximate duration of these sessions is 40-45 mins

d) Workshops and Seminars:

EMTS organize webinars, workshops and seminars for the schools, teachers, students and parents. Details of the same are regularly being shared with the associates as per the topic and target group.

The cost of the same for the paid and personalized sessions is charged as per the experience and charges of the resource person. 

e) Resume / Covering Letter Support: 

EMTS offer our resume improvement services at a very nominal price of Rs. 299/- for the candidates who are registered with us and have opted for us as their recruitment associate availing our facilitation offers. This helps them in achieving the best results.

EMTS also offer professional resume update services for freshers as well as experienced candidates. Prices of the same vary from @ Rs 1500/- to Rs 4000/- depending on the experience of the candidate and the type of resume that is required. 

f) Mock Interviews:

EMTS schedules mock interviews as per the requirement and availability of the candidate and the subject expert. It can be online/ offline/ group etc as per the requirement of the candidate. 

Charges of the one session vary from @ Rs 500/- to @ Rs 2000/- as per the experience of an Interviewer and the remunerations of the subject expert. The average duration of these sessions varies from 45 mins to 1 hour depending upon the responses of the candidate. 

The feedback of the session is also given to the candidate after every session. Grooming up session of the same is also being taken at a nominal price that varies from @ Rs 200/- to @ Rs 500/- depending upon the remunerations of the subject expert.


1) For all the recruitment based services: 

Once the recruitment is confirmed by the employer referred by EMTS, the candidate needs to pay the amount that equals 15 days of his/her salary i.e. 50% of one month salary as our “Success Fees”. 

“Success Fees” will be payable as under:

i) 50% of our “Success Fees” will have to be paid within 7 days of joining the employer. as per the details given below in point no 5.

ii) Post-Dated Cheque for the remaining 50% of “Success Fees” will also have to be handed over within 7 days of joining the employer and will be banked within 7 days of credit of the first-month salary of the candidate or 10th of next month whichever is earlier as per the details given below in point no 5.

2) For all other services : 

The Payment of all other services is done as per the terms and discussions with the EMTS representative. These services are subject to change as per the specific requirement of the associate and the type of services required. 

4. Terms of Engagement:

a). Candidates are required to note that their resumes shall be forwarded to the concerned school authorities only after the payment of the amount due as mentioned above.

b) Kindly note that the final decision about further shortlisting, interview and recruitment will be made by the recruiter directly as per their recruitment policy. We don’t assure or guarantee anything on behalf of recruiters. We will continue to coordinate with the potential employer and keep the candidate updated on the progress as much as possible.

c) EMTS strongly recommends every associate clarify all the employment-related details/ processing details before joining for any particular post/job or before availing of any of its services. EMTS  tries to communicate the maximum of the information provided to it by the recruiter. But, the final terms and conditions are fixed between the Employer and the Employee that slightly vary from the information provided by EMTS.

d) EMTS guides all the candidates to confirm the nature of his/her employment viz. Salary package, leave policies, nature of employment (full time/part-time/ leave Vacancy, contactual or any other type), his/her designation etc at the time of joining up to his/her satisfaction level. EMTS hold no responsibility for all the conflicts/ concerns related to the same and are entitled to its “Success Fee” amount as mentioned in step 3 of point 2 in Privacy Policies. 

e) In case if any candidate is offered a post other than what he/she visited for and is accepted by the candidate, EMTS holds all its rights to all the payment and other terms as per step 3 of point 2 in Privacy Policies.

f) The “Success Fee” any kind of job viz part-time, full time, contractual Jobs, leave vacancy jobs and other non-permanent jobs remain the same. Also, in case if the candidate leaves the job at his/ her own will for whatever reason, he/she is still liable to pay the service charges as well as the “Success Fee” as step 3 of point 2 in Privacy Policies.

g) EMTS is not liable to make any refund for any of its services under any circumstances.

h) All the associates are hereby informed that collaboration with EMTS means an agreement to the company privacy policies.  This makes the associate/candidate/teacher/ student/parent/ school representative  to respond to our phone calls/ WhatsApp messages/ Emails. If he/she is busy or unavailable for any of the reasons, he/she is expected to get back to the EMTS representative at the earliest. Delay in the response to our calls/ messages/ email will be considered a breach of trust and violation of Privacy Policies.

i) EMTS wants its associates to note that there are times when the school directly contacts the candidates for the initial process of recruitment and we as their recruitment associate are not updated about the same from the school side as they want to interact with the candidate directly or are expected us to stay out of the recruitment process or any other reason before finalizing the recruitment. 

In this case, the candidates hold all the responsibility to update the EMTS representative at the earliest after being contacted by the associate school directly. Kindly note that the policies will not change under any circumstances and so are the terms and conditions for the payment of “Success Fee”

j) In case of successful recruitment done by the associate school, the school representative is liable to inform EMTS representative within two days of appointment about the recruitment details viz- Date of Joining, final salary decided, feedback etc. The delay in the same shall not be appreciated and may adversely affect the schools association with EMTS.

k) All the candidates for the recruitment services are expected to follow professional decorum while interacting with the associate school. This includes dressing formally, carrying all necessary documents, updated resume, latest passport size photograph and stationary. Candidates are not allowed to get involved in any argument with the school authorities/ representatives under any circumstances. In case, if the candidate is not willing to abide by the process, he/she is advised to walk out of the interview venue gracefully without creating any nuisance. 

l) For the recruitment services, all the candidates are expected to follow the protocol of the school where they are appearing for the interview. The interview process varies from organization to organization. It includes filling up their internal recruitment form (online/ in-person)(paid/unpaid), written tests, demo sessions, several rounds of interviews with school heads before the final decision. Candidates are expected to be patient and accommodative towards the individual recruitment procedure of the target organization. No discretion/ argument/ concern regarding the same will be taken up by EMTS.

5. Terms of Fee Payment:

Once your recruitment is confirmed by an employer referred by El Maestro Teaching Solutions, you are required to pay the amount that equals 15 days of your salary i.e. 50% of one month’s salary as our “Success Fees”.

“Success Fees” will be payable as under:

a) 50% of our “Success Fees” will have to be paid within 7 days of joining the employer. It can be paid as a cheque/cash/NEFT/PAYTM/Google Pay/Phone Pay as per the details below

PAY TM /Google Pay/Phone Pay on 8448226455


Account No- 50200064635494

Branch of the Bank- HDFC BANK Ground Floor, G-83,

Vikas Marg, Preet Vihar NEW DELHI-110092

b) Post-Dated Cheque for the remaining 50% of “Success Fees” will also have to be handed over within 7 days of joining the employer and will be banked within 7 days of credit of the first-month salary of the candidate or 10th of next month whichever is earlier.

c) Should you refuse to pay your “Success Fee” after accepting a job referred by us, we reserve the right to take appropriate action as per law.

d) In case any post-dated cheque is bounced, the penalty charges of the same will be added to the original amount to be paid by the candidate. The revised amount (i.e original amount + additional payment of amount between Rs 200/- to Rs 500/-) shall be paid by the candidate within 1 day of cheque getting dishonoured.  Payment for all other services is also to be made at the details shared above at the earliest as per the finalized terms with our representative. 

e)EMTS does not entertain any requests for the payments of the due amount to be made in instalments. Associates are required to pay the entire due amount in full needs to be paid on or before the due date.

f) All the  EMTS associates are directed to issue the cheque carefully ensuring that the recipient name is clearly mentioned, doesn’t have any issues like cuttings, corrections, different inks being used, torn, etc. In case, if the executive collecting the cheque feels that there is an issue with the cheque, it is the candidate’s responsibility to hand over the new cheque by visiting EMTS office. 

g) The associate/candidate must ensure that the required amount is available in the account from where the post-dated cheque has been issued. The date is decided to ensure that the candidate receives his/her salary by then. In case of any delay in receiving the salary, the associate/ candidate is liable to inform the EMTS representative at the earliest in order to avoid due charges. EMTS can hold the cheque for few days ( i.e 2-5 days) till the receiving of the salary by the candidate. Kindly note that the sole discretion regarding the same is in the hands of EMTS authorities.  

All the associates are expected to acknowledge the policies as mentioned above at the earliest as the processing of their desired services will be initiated only after the payment of the above-mentioned charges and acceptance of the “Terms of Engagement” and “Terms of Fee Payment”.

Kindly note that EMTS reserves its rights to make amendments/changes/modifications/ update in all/any the above-mentioned Privacy Policies without any clarification to its associates.

Also, EMTS hold all its rights to modify/ upgrade/ rectify/change/ withdraw any of its services without any prior notice/ information to its associates. EMTS  holds no liability or justification in this regard to any of the associates.  


EMTS does not access, store or keep credit card or other banking data. All credit card and similar transactions happen through third party gateways and the Company plays no role in the transaction, except for directing the customers to gateways or relevant webpage. Accordingly, the Company shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage due to any disclosure whatsoever of Personal Information.

The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by reason of any disclosure (inadvertent or otherwise) of any Personal Information concerning the User’s account and/or information relating to or regarding online transactions using credit cards/debit cards and/or their verification process and particulars nor for any error, omission or inaccuracy with respect to any information so disclosed and used. 

In case of any query/ concerns/ questions about this Privacy Policy and the privacy practices of this Website, you can contact us at

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