Workshops and Seminars

EMTS understands that learning is an ongoing process for all viz teachers, students and parents. Attending seminars, workshops and training courses helps them develop new skills. It also refreshes their skills that are meant for their personal as well as professional development.

We understand the importance of workshops, seminars and conferences in the lives of students and teachers as it helps them not only upgrade their knowledge, learn new aspects and perspectives but also provides them with a way of networking altogether. 

We offer our association in organizing workshops and seminars for teachers as well as students focusing on the desired parameter.

You are requested to click on the link below to share your educational requirements with us. Undoubtedly, we provide you with the best of faculty available.

Our sessions help you upgrade your skills in the specific areas that are required to be addressed. It helps them learn the strategies that prove to be a great help in their professional as well as personal lives.

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