Mock Interviews

EMTS also offers its services to the freshers as well as experienced candidates who are eager to give their best during the interview. Our mock interviews allow the interviewee to create effective responses, work on nonverbal communication skills and become familiar with interview settings.

We recreate any interview environment, such as in-person, phone or group interviews. We schedule a formal conversation with a candidate with an objective of appearing for the interview viz admission or job interview or any other specific reason. The interview is a conversation in which the aspirant candidate is given professional assistance to exchange information effectively

We assist the candidate answer all the questions beginning from his/her introduction, likes/dislikes, interest, qualification, strengths and weaknesses and lots more. EMTS emulates the job process via conversational exercise that resembles a real interview as closely as possible, for the purpose of providing a unique experience for a candidate. Imitating the interview settings helps the candidates answer the expected questions, develop effective interview strategies and enhance their communication skills. This boosts their confidence and reduces their stress before the actual interview.

These mock interview sessions provide the candidates with constructive feedback in a low-stress environment. These interview sessions help the candidate clarify responses to certain questions and help him/her work on areas where he/she may have weaknesses.

In order to schedule a mock interview session with EMTS experts , kindly click on the link below and register to avail our mock interview services.

These mock interviews are being scheduled as per the availability of the candidate and the subject expert and can be online/ offline/ group etc as per the requirement of the candidate. 

Charges of the one session varies from @ Rs 500/- to @ Rs 2000/- as per the experience of an Interviewer and the remunerations of the subject expert. The average duration of these sessions varies from 45 mins to 1 hour depending upon the responses of the candidate. 

The feedback of the session is also given to the candidate after every session. Grooming up session of the same is also being taken at a nominal price that varies from @ Rs 200/- to @ Rs 500/- depending upon the remunerations of the subject expert.

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