– Check Guide for Body Language during Interview

According to recent students, verbal communication accounts for only 7% of the message one wants to convey.  The remaining 93% is non-verbal that is being conveyed through body language, actions, vocal tone etc. It is a kind of silent orchestra that communicates your thoughts and feelings to the other person. So, if your body language doesn’t match your words, you are wasting your time.

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Here is a quick guide to keeping your body language in check while interacting with others : 

✅ Sit straight and tight in your chair. Place yourself at a position directly facing the interviewer. This makes you completely present at the interview. 

✅Have and maintain passive eye contact. During virtual interviews keep eye contact in the webcam as it makes your presence marked during the interview.

✅Keep a tab on hand and leg movement. Occasionally use hand gestures to express yourself. Crossing your hands across the chest makes you look defensive. Too much hand movement indicates that you’re nervous.

✅Improvise your posture – no slouching. Resist your movement like constantly touching your face, moving your chair, fixing your hair etc as it indicates that you are not at ease during an interview. 

✅Nod your head as you’re listening. Slouching during an interview makes you appear disengaged.

✅Ensure to begin and end your interview with a smile. But, avoid smiling unnecessarily as it may make you appear ingenuine. 

✅Commuincate with interest, enthusiasm and positive reactions to what the interviewer is saying.

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