Saying The Right Things

Your well-prepared interview can turn out to be a disaster due to several factors that may vary from turning late for the interview or dressing unprofessionally. But, what is the heart of an interview is to respond appropriately to the questions asked in the interview.

Be precise and concise as vague and bad answers make you appear disinterested in a job and hence makes you lose a job you were interested in.  It’s important to say the right things during the interview as your responses reflect your attitude, work ethics and ability to cope with stress and others 

So, it’s important to prepare for your interview and prepare well for some commonly asked questions with your answers. This will boost your confidence and of course impress the interviewers. 

Here are some tips to impress the interviewer:  

  • Illustrate your qualifications and strengths that are suitable for the job, along with some anecdotes to illustrate your experience. Vague answers like “I don’t know” or “It sounds like a good job” to the question “ Why should we hire you?” makes you appear to detest by the interviewer. It makes the impression that either you’re not well qualified or well prepared. 
  • Be prepared to discuss your past experiences and answer the questions patiently. Look forward to the opportunities to impress the interviewer. “Tell us something about your previous job profile and duties assigned to you?” is the favourite question of the interviewers. Responding well to this question will make your way to success. 
  • Never say negative things about your previous employer or organization you were associated with. It only reflects your poor attitude. Rather than being asked you may share your learning experiences from the organization and your desire to grow professionally and enhance your experiences. 
  • Avail all the chances to exhibit your talent and skills. Even when being asked about your drawbacks, discuss the points that appear to be your strength. You can highlight the areas where you’re working upon for improvement.  Be prepared and share the insight that makes you appear as a professional. Remember, an interview is not only an exhibition of your knowledge, it also showcases your commitment to professional growth. 
  • Be specific about your aspirations, expectations from the new job, your strengths etc. Avoid running around the bush.
  • Explore and include practical and realistic strategies and techniques that qualify you as a unique professional.  
  • Highlight your congenial yet professional relations with authorities, colleagues and students. 
  • Discuss all the additional responsibilities assigned to you that make you an asset to the organization. Make sure that you make all concrete assertions with the tasks you’re confident about. Avoid discussing things you don’t have knowledge of or experience about. 

In the nutshell, work on your speaking skills and always speak to make things better.

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